Our story

The story began ...

The roots of the “Rīgas Dzirnavnieks” could be found in 1946, when company “Sarkanais Oktobris” opens a food products warehouse complex, and builds the first wheat mill in 1964 and starts grain grinding, thus becoming well-known as the producer of food products flour.

In all times, we highly valued natural and qualitative grain, having accumulated the strength of the soil and the warmth of the sun, and people, proudly cultivating fields and transforming grain into healthy products having high nutritional value.


Rich in ancient traditions and knowledge, nowadays “Rīgas Dzirnavnieks” is one of the largest grain processors in the Baltic countries, producing and exporting highly valued industrial and consumable products—all kind of wheat, rye, and oat flour, flour mixtures, and other products.

By mills, elevators, and production lines being part of the “Rīgas Dzirnavnieks” complex, we are capable of producing 250 tonnes wheat flour, 120 tonnes rye flour, and 43 tonnes oat products per day, and we are proud having more than 90 reliable, highly qualified professionals. We are exporting our produce to Europe, Asia, Northern America, and Africa.

Since the beginning, we have been one from the market leaders, while producing products loved trough generations and introducing novel tastes in Latvia, and bringing the best from every grain from the local fields to a family table!