Cereal flakes

Flakes – before packing and delivering them to the client they are shelled and cut, parboiled, rolled and dried and they are the same size. Any kind of the flakes offered by “Rigas Dzirnavnieks” can be used as an additive for baking bread, for example, – buckwheat, oat, wheat, barley flakes for baking white bread; rye, barley, wheat flakes for baking rye bread. 5 grain flake mix is very interesting offer. It contains rye, wheat, barley, oat and buckwheat. There is also 4 grain flake mix (rye, wheat, barley, and oat). They both are good for baking different wholemeal breads and pastry. It is well known that fine flour is not as good for our health as coarse flour. You can eat a lot of bread made of fine flour and not to have a sense of fullness but overstock fats whereas wholemeal bread is rich, you have to chew it longer and it lets you know when it is enough. It contains more fibre that helps you to get rid of unwanted substances in your body.