Mission, vision, values

At Rigas Dzirnavnieks, a part of Baltic Mill group companies, we all work so that people could enjoy delicious bread and other products made of our production

More saturated and happy life

Our mission is to create more saturated and happy life.We do this by using the knowledge of our experts and talents of our team, which allow us to develop, improve and maintain processes, products and relationships in the most sustainable way. We are a grain processing company and millions of people choose our products daily, that is why we constantly work to maintain the standard of quality and to adapt to the needs of changing market.

Most desirable quality foods partner in the Baltic states

Our vision is to become the most desirable quality foods partner in the Baltic states.
The mills do not need wind to turn their millstones for a long time now, but how we work and what we believe remains the same.  Rich in ancient traditions and knowledge, nowadays “Rīgas Dzirnavnieks” is a part of ”Baltic Mill” group which throughout the history of over 200 years started from a single mill in Panevėžys and has grew and changed, developing new technologies and opening new oportunities for business development. By seeking what unites us and helps us turn different experiences into strengths we are an international company, a team that follows common rules.

Making decisions is easier when you know your core values

Our values are guidelines which help to fulfill the mission and the vision of the company through daily work. It is agreement regarding how we reach for our goals and what are the principles that unite us.  We follow five values – drive, professionalism, responsibility, teamwork and respect.