Basmati Rice à la Indian taste

Lauris Aleksejevs

Herkuless Gourmet basmati rice 300 g
Ghi butter 50 ml
Cardamom 5 g
Cumin 5 g
Dry fennel 5 g
Kurkuma 1 teaspoon
Dry coriander 5 g
Clarified butter 50 ml
Fresh lemon peel of 1 lemon
Cashews 50 g
Dried fruits 100 g
Salt, sugar according to taste

Heat up the Ghee butter in a pot on a medium flame. Add crushed spices (cardamom, cumin, coriander, fresh lemon peel, and fennel). Slightly roast, add Indian nuts and dried fruit, then rinsed rice and the required quantity of water, and salt according to taste. Stew on a slow flame by a lid on, without stirring, approx. 20 minutes until the rice is ready.