Risotto with asparagus, cep, and truffle oil

Herkuless Gourmet Risotto Rice 200 g
Shallots 50 g
Garlic 20 g
Fresh asparagus 300 g
Fresh or frozen cep 300 g
Truffle oil 15 ml
Gritted Parmesan 50 g
White wine, dry100 ml
Mascarpone 2 tablespoon
Crushed white pepper ½ teaspoon
Veggie bullion (cooked from carrot, celery, onion) 600 ml
Olive oil 30 ml
Salt according to taste
Fry quickly chopped garlic and shallots in olive oil on medium flame, add rice and white wine, fry slightly, and now and then add a small ladle of veggies bullion, so continuing until rice is half-ready (crispy inside), then add chopped cep and asparagus, continue cooking by stirring now and then; when rice is ready, add gritted Parmesan, Mascarpone, and truffle oil.