About us


Joint stock company "Rigas Dzirnavnieks" is one of the largest grain processing companies in Baltic States. Company produces and sells grain products – all types of wheat and rye flour, flour mixes, flakes and other grain products for bakeries and confectioneries, as well as products in small packages for individual consumers.

"Rigas Dzirnavnieks" deals with two strategic business sectors- producing industrial products and producing goods for retailers. The management of the joint stock company "Rigas Dzirnavnieks" coordinates the development, finances and information in both fields. The operational activities are organized in a following way:

B2B - the department of industrial products produces flour, flour mixes and rolled grain for industrial producers (bakeries and confectioneries).
B2C  - the department of retailers produces and distributes consumer products – flour, rolled oats, breakfast cereals, flour mixes, muesli bars and pasta. 
The main raw material – grain – is the most important element for all our products. Using very modern technologies we produce flour of highest quality.

The most important for our employees is customer – satisfied customer and the best performance in product quality are those values, which are essential for our company.

There are 90 employees in "Rigas Dzirnavnieks". Elevators, mills and production lines are situated in Riga. We produce daily approximately 250 tons of wheat flour, 120 tons of rye flour and 43 tons of oat products.

"Rigas Dzirnavnieks" is part of the the UAB Baltic Mill - one of the largest and most advanced grain processing groups in Baltic countries. Owing to the knowledge of modern grain processing technology, the company produced a wide range of products: various types of wheat and rye flour, flour mixes, wheat germ and bran. Modern technology enables the group to adapt to market demand and offer the best quality products to its customers. Consumer need drives a continuous expansion of Baltic Mill product range. 

Rigas Dzirnavnieks exports the products to Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Italy, Czech Republic.