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Grain purchase prices

Grain purchase prices

Prices are informative and they can change on a daily basis. For most accurate prices, please contact purchasing specialist.

Wheat purchase prices

Wheat, I group
200,00 Eur/t
Wheat, II group
195,00 Eur/t
Wheat, III group
192,00 Eur/t
Wheat, IV group
188,00 Eur/t
Wheat, feed
180,00 Eur/t

Rye purchase prices

Rye, I+ group
135,00 Eur/t
Rye, I group
130,00 Eur/t
Rye, II group
100,00 Eur/t
Rye, feed
90,00 Eur/t

Oat purchase prices

Oats, I group
160,00 Eur/t
Oats, II group
150,00 Eur/t
Oats, III group
145,00 Eur/t
Oats, feed
70,00 Eur/t
Working hours of grain acceptance
8:00 – 16:00