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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Business for us – JSC Rīgas dzirnavnieks and the rest of part of Baltic mill companies – has never been only about financial results. We have always felt a responsibility to do more and take better care of others: our employees, our partners (farmers, suppliers, clients, and customers) and society as a whole.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the first edition of the Baltic Mill Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2019). The report marks a certain level of maturity for our group, a moment when we feel ready to share changes and improvements we have achieved in recent years.

How we lead toward sustainable development

Developing grain farming programmes

Grain farming programmes involve close partnership with a contract-farmer, designed to provide expert assistance at each step of cultivation and enable us to employ the field-to-fork principle without owning actual farms. By offering favourable conditions and guidance to farmers, we ensure a steady supply of the best quality locally sourced grain as well as are empowered to promote and encourage more sustainable agriculture methods.

Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption is at the core of each of our production steps. From the soil to fuel consumption, various quality improvement efforts are focused on increasing efficiency and reducing waste in every step.

Moving towards cleaner energy

Baltic Mill companies are regularly renewing their fleets to reduce emissions and aim to have the entire fleet replaced by newer, more energy-efficient models in 2020. One of the group’s long-term goals is to harvest renewable energy resources in the production process, starting in the year 2021-2022.

Advocating healthier nutrition

Our Group’s leading initiative in the Baltic countries is a Porridge Day, every year reaching thousands of children and their relatives to promote benefits of porridge and other healthy eating habits.

Caring for our people

We strive to improve working conditions for our employees. Besides many company-specific initiatives, the whole group has recently reviewed our remuneration systems, the policy of equal rights and the code of conduct. In the daily matters, Methods as KAIZEN are applied for continuous improvement of work quality.

Encouraging climate action

We constantly seek ways to increase our production efficiency for it has a direct impact on lowering the group’s environmental footprint and making its operations friendlier to the environment. Besides, customers are encouraged to recycle by putting more attractive and clear information about the packaging recycling method on customer packages.