Grain programmes — Rīgas Dzirnavnieks .

Grain programmes

Grain programmes

Rye program

The main requirements for successful participation in the “Rye growing programme”:

  • Varieties, such as KWS Eterno, KWS Serafino, Kaupo, and others, which have been approved by the procurement specialists of JSC «Rīgas dzirnavnieks»;
  • The use of glyphosate-containing products before and during the harvest is prohibited;
  • Use growth regulators only under strict supervision of JSC «Rīgas dzirnavnieks» procurement specialists;
  • Fertilization plan has been previously agreed with the procurement specialists of JSC «Rīgas dzirnavnieks»;
  • Prevent the development and spread of diseases;
  • Sown field area- up to 100 ha.

Advantages of participating in the program:

  • Long- term cooperation;
  • It is possible to organize transport services during the harvest;
  • Competitive prices in exchange for stability;
  • Certified seed material;
  • Possibility to pay for seed material in 2020 after grain delivery to JSC “Rīgas dzirnavnieks”;
  • Specialist consultations.

Seed material: KWS Eterno and KWS Serafino are hybrid rye varieties with high yields, disease resistance, a short (up to 1m) stem that reduces the risk of veld and allows growth regulators no to be used or used only once. KWS Eterno:

  • 100% hybrid seeds, without impurities;
  • High productivity;
  • Very good resistance to diseases, especially brown rust;
  • The variety has very good winter hardiness;
  • Sowing rate ~80kg/ha;
  • Prepacking- in the bags of 500kg;
  • About 6-8 ha can be sown with one bag (500kg);
  • Price 590,-* EUR/bag (500kg).

KWS Serafino:

  • High yield potential even in bad conditions;
  • High drought resistance;
  • PollenPlus® technology protects against major rye diseases;
  • Sowing rate ~80kg/ha;
  • Prepacking – in the bags of 500 kg;
  • About 6-8 ha can be sown with one bag (500 kg);
  • Price 642,- * EUR/bag (500kg).

Oat program

The main requirements for successful participation in the “Oat growing programme”:

  • Do not use plant growth regulators containing chlormequat and mepiquat.
  • Limited use of chemicals;
  • We are supporters of the principle of “green” management, therefore open waters near the fields where chemicals can enter are not desirable in the vicinity of the field (the preferred location of the water is at least 10-15 m from the field).

Cooperation offer:

  • Minimum field size +/- 20 ha (preferably one field);
  • Maximum field area +/- 50 ha;
  • The field should be provided with autumn plowing, depth 20 cm;
  • Plant rotation must be observed, oats and corn must not have grown in the previous year (the rotation of plants of previous years of holding must be indicated);
  • Oat variety “_______”. The seeds must be disinfected. Seed consumption ~180 – 200 kg/ha.

Equipment support:

  • Early sowing is possible (end of March);
  • If necessary, timely spraying against diseases, pests;
  • Timely oat harvesting must be ensured (lack of equipment must not be an obstacle to oat harvesting), oat vegetation period 95-100 days;
  • Harvested oats are transported directly from the field to JCS “Rīgas dzirnavnieks” (we can coordinate the logistics issue on our part).

Recommended spraying:

  • 1x herbicide (glyphosate must not be used before harvest);
  • 1x fungicide;
  • N – not more than 75 – 80 kg/ha.

Advantages of participating in the program:

  • Regardless of the bulk density of the grown oats, JSC “Rīgas dzirnavnieks” will ensure their acceptance, except cases where pests are detected in the oats;
  • Agronomist consultations.