Coorporate social responsibility

It is not always easy to see how being socially responsible and living according to corporate values is linked with business goals. For us, the link is obvious — responsible approach to daily decisions. Making decisions is easier when you know what your core values are. Our social responsibility efforts illustrate how seemingly abstract values can have clear applications in ways of doing business and create an actual impact.


CSR Report 2019 (EN)

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the first edition of the ‘’Baltic Mill’’ Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2019). The report marks a certain level of maturity for our group, a moment when we feel ready to share changes and improvements we have achieved in recent years.

Our path to more sustainable business development

Baltic Mill companies are constantly improving how they do business and the results they achieve. We focus on taking better care of resources — nature, energy and people, believing that growth, first of all, has to be sustainable. We strive to reduce waste at every step, maintaining high food safety and quality standards and meeting customer needs. These aspirations are supported by dedicated processes, efforts to improve and company-specific initiatives. We are and intend to remain keen supporters of the United Nations’ Sustainable development goals, aiming to make the world a better place to live by 2030. We, as a group of food production companies, have chosen to shape our business practice and channel future strategy towards an environmentally friendly and positive heading that embodies the following goals:

Adopting zero waste mindset

We aim to reduce to a minimum the unnecessary production waste by lowering the chance of product expiration while it is still in stock. Excess production that can’t be utilised due to changes in demand are offered as a support to “Maisto bankas” and other NGOs. To successfully process waste from oat flake production, Rigas Dzirnavnieks has installed a boiler fuelled by oat waste products, thus significantly reducing natural gas consumption. The wastes we are unable to recycle are handed over to biogas producers.

Advocating healthier nutrition

Baltic Mill companies constantly innovate to make theirproducts healthier, more nutritious and conducive to consumer well-being. Some focus areas are reducing added sugar content, developing bio-lines and encouraging consumers to choose healthier products.  We have reviewed the ingredient lists and nutritional values of their products, which resulted in 30% less added sugar and a 30% increase in fruit and berry content. Next year, group companies are planning to introduce zero added sugar porridges.

Energy consumption and
emission management

Baltic Mill companies are regularly renewing their fleets to reduce emissions and aim to have the entire fleet replaced by newer, more energy-efficient models in 2020. One of the group’s long-term goals is to harvest renewable energy resources in the production process, starting in the year 2021-2022.

Investing in new technologies

Investing in new technologies has helped us to achieve positive results in lowering energy consumption in the last two years and we are planning to follow the same path onwards. Investments in new production lines and devices have achieved a significant impact
on efficiency.

Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption is at the core of each of our production steps. From the soil to fuel consumption, various quality improvement efforts are focused on increasing efficiency and reducing waste in every step.

Towards more efficient production

Efforts to make Baltic Mill production more efficient have a direct impact on lowering the group’s environmental footprint and making its operations friendlier to the environment.
Besides, customers are encouraged to recycle by putting more attractive and clear information about the packaging recycling method on customer packages.